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5 Ways to Improve Your Preaching

5 ways to improve your preaching by Pastor Matthew Everhard.

  1. Be a Bible expositor. Book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, line by line, word by word. The bible is more interesting than anything you have to say. 

  2. Write out your sermon completely in the manuscript then ditch it when you reach the pulpit. This will force you to think through what you\’re going to say. This also makes you speak to the people from the heart.

  3. Preach with your Bible open AND in your hand while you\’re preaching. This is practical and symbolic; it shows the people that you\’re teaching the text and is shows the church that the church is a bible-believing church. 

  4. Drop the tech. Tech usually detracts from the teaching. Use it ONLY when it\’s absolutely necessary. You, preacher, should be able to command and keep the attention and ear of the people via your words alone. Your zealous preaching is more powerful than PowerPoint. 

  5. Quit imitating your favorite preachers. You\’re not Piper, Sproul, MacArthur, etc. You are you. And God called you to the pulpit; and He already called Piper, Sproul, etc.

My 5 ways to improve your teaching:

  1. Be a Bible expositor. Read, study, question, search the word of God verse by verse. 

  2. Write your our bible study lesson fully and know it within your heart proper to delivering the lesson. 

  3. Always keep your Bible open and teach directly from the text.

  4. Keep it simple; use the tech when necessary and keep the illustrations to an absolute minimum.

  5. Use your own voice and not anyone else\’s.   


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