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Charles Spurgeon Sermon Notes Vol. 1

The Roaring Lion 1 Peter 5:8

  • Satan was once an angel; perhaps even an archangel. The Christian will be attacked by Satan in one season or another.

  • He is always seeking someone to devour-he wants to destroy God's people.

  • We can't blame Satan for everything for sin grows in our hearts without the need of sowing.

  • Satan usually attacks us when we are at our lowest because then his attack is most effective.

  • His objective in his attacks: "worship me". Just as the same when he attacked Christ in the wilderness.

  • In his attacks upon us, he wants to wed our sinful desires to his temptations.

  • Some believe Satan to be a lie/doesn't exist. Usually, if a man have no Devil he has no God as well.

  • Man's pain is the best testimony to Satan's existence.

  • Those who are dead in sin know little of the attacks of Satan for they are dead; they are of no threat to him.

  • The roaring of Satam: Persuctions-roaring till only the faithful of God stood firm before their death.

  • Temptation: tempting us to sin against God. We conquer our sin by The Spirit. Blasphemy: thoughts against God and His holiness; possibly put there by Satan. We are to resist these unholy thoughts by the word of God and meditation thereof.

  • Satan seeks total destruction/devouring of the believer. Our Savior wants nothing more than the complete salvation of the saints.

  • We must not grow comfortable in our walk because then we stop relying on God and are, thus, at our weakest.

  • The war with Satan is not ours's but God's-victory is in Him alone.

  • Satan's attacks should drive us to prayer.

  • To follow Christ is the grandest thing of existence.


How To Become Full of Joy 1 John 1:4

  • Christ gave and gives us joy.

  • A Christian's joy needs looking after, otherwise, we wouldn't need/want God's word.

  • The pain, trials, temptations of this world proves the need of guarding our joy.

  • When we are low we fall much like Peter.

  • The Christian doesn't lose much in sin; save for his joy in God.

  • John writes of our relationship to Christ, not of things of the world.

  • Our joy is found in Christ and in Him alone.

  • Everlasting love (loved by God Almighty) and communion (being with Him) cause us joy.

  • Trials can help to take us away from the world.

  • Foolish loves make rods for foolish backs.

  • Fellowship with Christ is the fountain of our joy.

  • Every command in the word is meant to help us in our joy. Illustration: "Don't touch the fire lest you be burned."

  • God never denies children something that is truly for their good.

  • His commends are rules for freedom in our walk with Christ.

  • Loving man also makes us joyful.

  • Holy activity is the mother of holy joy.

  • Guard your joy with God's word-then the world things will lose their attraction.


Self-Examination 2 Corinthians 13:5

  • The Corinthians were critical of Paul and his ministry.

  • Paul called out the corinthians to see if they are in the faith. We should do the same today.

  • Do I grow in grace?

  • Examine what is in your heart. What is your motive for doing good works, going to church/studies, etc.?

  • You believe the truth but are you in the truth?

  • The belief that the Ark will float in the flood is good but when the flood comes are you in the Ark?

  • Let us know where we are and what we are so that we may not be in false comfort or Christianity. Best to know now rather than later.

  • In private life do you live without prayer or study? Do you have any love for God at all?

  • If you are right with God then you could not live without prayer and study because you could not live without God.


Pleading (in prayer) Psalm 70:5

  • David learned to pray and praise God best.

  • The soul confesses urgently, the soul pleads-grasping for God. This is seen in Psalm 70:5.

  • With both hands David lays hold of God and doesn't let Him go till a blessing is received.

  • Similar to a wrestler taking off his clothes before entering the ring so we too must confess before God if we are to wrestle with Him in prayer.

  • We are to confess before we can receive forgiveness.

  • God knows our guilt; He wants us to know it as well; thus we confess to an all-knowing God.

  • See sin as God sees sin-an offense against all that is good, a rebellion against all that is kind, a treason worthy of capital punishment.

  • He is ready to forgive and loves to forgive! But He is never ready to tolerate sin. Confess and receive from God.

  • 'I am poor and needy, lost, have pity on me' Paraphrase of Psalm 70:5. A statement on the sinful condition of all man.

  • We are powerless in ministry. Salvation is of God, it is His business, we are just His instruments.

  • God knows we are inadequate for His work. We must learn/know this as well.

  • Pleading with God in prayer is the foundation of prayer. Plead the blood of the Lamb. Plead the Attributes of God-"You are just, and merciful, good and faithful O God..."

  • You are a child of the Most High. Remember this and be bold in your prayers, in your pleading with God.

  • Be honest, and earnest in prayer because it honors God.

  • God to God in prayer. Don't leave until you have received what you've asked.

  • Plead the performances of God- "You have delivered your saints in the past, deliver me also."

  • Plead whatever you need for life, ministry, godly living.

  • "Let me learn the art of pleading, of prayer."

  • Be urgent in prayer! Our need for grace is grand.

  • When our need for God is strong our blessing is close.

  • We are licensed beggars/pleaders before God.

  • It is never too late to seek God.

  • We can do nothing without God.

  • Prayer moves the arm that moves the world.

  • Have God, hold and behold Him at all costs. For He is the most precious possession you could ever have.


True Prayer-True Power! Mark 11:24

  • It is a blessed thing to draw near to God in prayer

  • Look at the text, look around you, look above you. According to Jesus, there should be an object in which we plead.

  • Earnest desire plays a role in our prayer. Our desires should lead us to prayer.

  • Faith is essential in prayer-believe!

  • Prepare yourself for prayer-examine yourself.

  • Desire must be in your prayers. Lest prayer be a heavy burden on you.

  • No general "blanket" prayers. Say people's names, state your needs before God!

  • Express your wants/needs in the words that are natural to you.

  • Pray to love God more.

  • Submit to His divine will in your requests.

  • Stop and pray each and every one of your petitions with God.

  • Have faith in God! He has promised to hear our prayers.

  • Plead the promises with passion and desire.

  • Ask and believe that you will receive; take the Lord God at His word.

  • Desire, ask, believe, wait to receive, trust God.

  • Use your prayer time well; focus on God.

  • God doesn't hear our prayer because of the length or language or songs or logic.

  • He'll answer because we pray in the power of the Spirit in the name of Christ.

  • Speak to God out of your own heart! Speak like a child to his father.

  • Look to God. We have been given a mighty weapon to use! Don't let it rust.

  • We will only triumph when we are kneeling.

  • Look to God and weep for wasting such a powerful weapon.

  • Look to God and rejoice for He loves us yet still.

  • His ear is always open if you have an open mouth.

  • His hand is ready for a ready heart.

  • We must be born again to know this kind of prayer.


Heaven and Hell Matthew 8:11-12

  • Verse 11 tells us what Heaven is. It is a place I can sit with the saints of both the OT and NT.

  • If we have known one another here on Earth then we will also know one another there.

  • Heaven is the fellowship of the saints.

  • Be rit of your pride or you shall never enter Heaven.

  • More will be in Heaven than in Hell, lest Satan beat Jesus. (Sidebar: a good defense of postmillennialism).

  • Heaven will be full of the "worst of sinners".

  • Nothing in Hell or on Earth can stop the Christ.

  • What is written in the word must be preached!

  • "weeping and gnashing of teeth" because of their own hatred of fellows in Hell and God in Heaven.

  • If you don't have a heart for God now you'll surely have none then.

  • To believe is to put your trust in Christ.

  • God did not say "whosoever is good shall be saved." But "whosoever believes shall be saved."

  • May we all meet in Heaven.


Strengthening Words From the Savior's Lips 2 Corinthians 12:9

  • Paul prayed to Christ, thus, proof that Jesus is divine.

  • It is natural when buffeted by Satan to trun to Jesus. Since Jesus casted demons in His ministry and experienced the tempations of Satan.

  • God may not take the trail from you, but He'll strengthen you to get through it.

  • Grace is all sufficient, strength perfected, power indwelling.

  • "MY grace is sufficient" God is enough for us. His grace is enough for the whole Church.

  • It is NOW sufficent for you! Past trials seem small, trials now are huge. It is not a new trouble. Christ's grace can/will comfort/strengthen you to exit, or endure the trial.

  • You demand on God is never too much for Him.

  • Look to God to supply your need; not man.

  • God's strength is perfectly revealed in our weakness.

  • Therefore, easy lives don't know God's strength.

  • "made perfect" IE achieves its purpose.

  • "Empty me. Let me discover the vainity of life."

  • God will use ou when He empthies you of you.

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