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Charles Spurgeon Sermon Notes Vol. 2

The Hand of God in the History of Man Job 7:1

  • We are dying men. Every breath brings us closer to death.

  • "Help me to feel emotion and gain wisdom from the death around me."

  • Divine appointment rules over human life.

  • There is a Divine appointment for all men.

  • He who studies history and forgets God looks out in chaos.

  • God rules all- from least to greatest. God rules man by our time, warfare, and service.

  • God determines where/when we begin life. All is y His appointment. Thus, let us bless the Lord!

  • Our life shall not be a day shorter or longer than by Divine decree.

  • God appoints our day. Thus push on! For He is no hard task-master.

  • God causes great praises/blessings to come through us by our pain.

  • God's timing is best. Let Him have His way.

  • God has also fixed our time of death as well as when, where, how.

  • Plagues and death around me fly. Till He please I cannot die.

  • We are immortal on this plain of existence till our work is done.

  • The doctrine of predestination is a strong refuge for us.

  • It is a source of energy and a fountain of courage for our souls.

  • Don't hold back in this life! For God is in control of all.

  • We surrender our will to our captain- Christ.

  • God has appointed a position for you in this life, this struggle/war.

  • Happy is he who obeys God with cheer. We must expect struggle in life.

  • Because our struggle/warfare is appointed it is God's warfare.

  • Thus we don't wear our own armor, fight our own battles, or supply our own ammo. It is His. It's so much His warfare that He is with us in it.

  • All men are servants to one master or another.

  • Let us be glad to serve Christ for all our days for His yoke is easy and the burden is light.

  • Always be ready to die and to die for your Master.


How to Converse with God Job 13:22

  • It is amazing Job did not lament more than he did, considering his bad friends.

  • Job ignored his friends and went to the one who judges justly.

  • How shall we be just before God? By being covered by Christ. Then who shall charge us with anything? It is God who justifies us.

  • We are enriched by sacred communion with God.

  • Two methods in conversing with God: 1) We call-He answers. 2) He calls-We answer.

  • Sometimes it is best to wait on God to talk to us before we start talking to Him. He speaks to us in the word. And He has many tones: a loving tone, awakening tone to raise us up from our sin and slumber, the gracious tone for when we sin, etc.

  • Listen to the word with open ears and a willing heart. Let His word fill, and feed you.

  • God will be deaf to us if we are deaf to Him. If we won't be taught we shall not be heard.

  • "What I know not, teach me. Open my eyes that I may see the wonders of your law."

  • You will have blessed fellowship if you sit at His feet and hear His word. Be as teachable as little children.

  • He also speaks in a voice of command. Those who trust in Christ must also obey Him.

  • He will be our Shepard. His rod that corrects us will comfort us.

  • "Help me to know my faults and purge me of them."

  • He also speaks in a way that invites the inner most communion with Him.

  • We must be washed by the blood to enjoy this communion.

  • Answer when He speaks to you! This is another form of fellowship.

  • We should always speak to Him in adoration. Bless the Lord always!

  • Our whole being should sin His praises and our gratitude.

  • We are sinful. Thus we must always confess.

  • We are full of wants always. Thus we petition God for ourselves and others.

  • Speak to Him; hold nothing back. Be in child-like confidence.

  • Perhaps if you have nothing to say then pray that He speak to you.

  • Read the word slowly and enjoy it. There is great treasure hidden within it. It takes time to find it.

  • Jesus is our answer to God and God's answer to us.


The Immutability of God Malachi 3:6

  • The proper study of the Christian is God in His nature, person, and work.

  • The study of God is a pride-killer and soul satisfier.

  • God never changes. Man is always changing. His essence didn't change in Jesus.

  • God doesn't change in attributes. He is holy and just. Always the same.

  • God doesn't change His plan. Noting can change His plans.

  • God is unchanging in His promises. Depend on His promises! Rest in them.

  • God is unchanging in His warnings. Believe! Or be damned. Warn the heathen.

  • God is unchanging in the objects of His love. His ere existence proves all this!

  • "Descendants of Jacob"are God's elect. We receive grace and glory.

  • "Descendants of Jacob" are a people of the special manifestation of prayer and communion.

  • "Descendants of Jacob" are a people of special trials.

  • "Descendants of Jacob" are a people of special character: We live by faith, prayer.

  • To live without prayer is to live without Jesus.

  • "Destroyed" IE in Hell.

  • The Lord must have loved me before I was born. Because there is nothing in me now to make Him love me.

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