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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Here is a list of great resources that I know and love and commonly use in preparation for biblical studies. I highly recommend that you buy or bookmark them and pray that they are as much of a blessing to you as they have been for me.


*Please note: If you dig around on the web you are likely to find other versions of the same Bibles that I am recommending here for much cheaper. I personally recommend Amazon for good prices and timely delivery.

1) The Reformation Study Bible by R.C. Sproul. Sproul has been one of my more recent mentors and has had a huge impact on my life and theological studies. And I have loved every page in this bible.

2) The Spurgeon Study Bible. If you love Scripture and Spurgeon then you\’ll definitely enjoy this bible. Simply a fantastic Bible. I do recommend the Christian Standard Bible Translation because I believe it is second only to the ESV translation and I also find it very easy to read.

3) The ESV Wide Margin Journaling Bible. Honestly, folks, I can\’t guarantee your salvation if you don\’t have this one; I mean, what are you even doing with your life if you don\’t have this? ( I simply do not possess the words to say how much I love this Bible; I cannot recommend this one enough. Pastor Matthew Everhard has a great video on how to use this particular Bible (


1) Ligonier Ministers ( This is, the late, R.C. Sproul\’s ministry with more resources and content on it than anyone can consume. Typically in preparation for Bible study, I will listen and read whatever content is available for that week\’s passage to gain a good understanding of the text itself.

2) Desiring God ( This is John Piper\’s ministry, again, with more resources and content on it than anyone can consume. Like Ligonier, I will also (usually) listen to whatever sermons are available on the passage for that week in preparation for Bible study. John Piper is truly a wonderful preacher; definitely be sure to bookmark this one on your browser.

3) Blue Letter Bible ( As far as free online content is concerned I really don\’t think you can beat BLB. The site is a little overwhelming at first, I\’ll admit, but once you explore a bit and learn where to find all the tools they have available it becomes very user-friendly and overwhelming informative. Perhaps my favorite part of this site is that they have both Hebrew and Greek dictionaries to help deepen your understanding of a passage. If you are to only bookmark one of all these sites that I recommend make it this one!

4) Grace to You ( This is John MacArthur\’s ministry. I have only been listening to his preaching as of this past month but I have loved all that I\’ve heard thus far.

5) The Domain for Truth ( Here is a site that I found while researching what kind of wood the cross was made out of. I will admit I have not had a lot of time to explore this site. But the number of free lectures, e-books, and commentaries is simply incredible.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of resources I use. It is only intended to be a good starting point for teachers and students of the word. And I have no doubt that I will one day have to write a volume two to this essay as I continue to find more good, biblical resources. In a forthcoming essay, a list of free e-books and blogs will be the next addition to this \”resources\” label of mine; stay tuned.


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