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John 4:27-5:47

Read. Pray


The main point of the text?

Jesus gained fulfillment of the father’s will. Much in the same way we do as well. and we still live in an age ripe for harvest. It is clear from the passage that our work is to tell others of Jesus Christ/gospel. Others have told/planted the seeds of this truth for us now we go out and reap the harvest. 

Its also interesting most of the fruits of our labor go unseen by us ever. But the Lord uses them and us regardless. 

42 “the Christ savior of the world”

what\’s interesting here to me is that they use His title then His purpose/mission even after Jesus had revealed all that the woman had ever done. Jesus knows what we’ve done, good and bad, true and disgusting, and yet Jesus still saves us. 

Christ crucifix is a proclaim to the Christian that we are indeed sinners and have sinned greatly. Don’t ignore the skeletons in your closet but take them up look at them dead in the eye and say that Jesus died, God forgave even such action/sin as this. Our sins now speak to the goodness/forgiveness of God.


It seems, based on the man’s reaction in 49 that he didn’t care about Jesus or belief in Him just that his son be healed. 

Do we go to Jesus for stuff or Him? Do we want the blessings of God or God? If we just want the stuff of God but not God we dishonor Him. If a husband just wants sex from his wife but not the wife he dishonors her. 

Notice John records that Jesus word healed the son. This could be John’s way of affirming Jesus\’ divinity. Much in the same way that God spoke and so it was so Jesus spoke and so it was. 


Notice the utter helplessness of these two healings, Jesus worked when there was no other alternative. For 38 yrs this man was hopeless and without help.  Due to Jesus saying to him in 5:14 it seems that his disease was brought on by sin. So for 38 yrs, this man had been lifted hopeless and lame because of His sin. What a long time for the conviction of sin to set in. This fella is a great example of the work of Jesus because Jesus was his only hope/way for healing and freedom from this sin. But Jesus gave this man help and hope when there was none.

God often works best when we are at the end of our own rope.  

I think often we think that the Christian life is about avoiding sin trying our best not to do the same thing again (how often does that really work?). Jesus by His death brought us a victory from sin in our lives. We now have direct access to God to supply us all our needs in temptation and trial. We fight sin in our lives not by trying harder but by belief in Jesus and His victory for us. We fight sin and all demonic forces from a place of victory, and godliness, not a place of works-righteousness. 


Jesus proves His divinity. According to Mosaic law, you needed 2 witnesses to testify to an even Jesus here provides 4. 

What does it mean to honor God in the context of this passage?

In what way did Moses write about Jesus?  


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