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John 6:1-30

Read Pray


What do y’all notice in these passages?


Notice how the Lord tested Philip\’s faith. And how this test resulted in a great blessing for many ppl.

Does the lord test us today? How and why?

Often the Lord does test us in many ways so that He can grow our faith in Him and in turn be a greater blessing for others. 


“gave thanks” implying that He gave thanks to God. Even in the middle of a test, it is important to remember to thank God for the test and His provision in the test. 

What things are you thankful for? Worldly or godly things? 


Some would say that the ppl were full of Jesus\’ teachings and that this wasn’t an actual miracle at all but these verses clearly state that this is a real miracle with real food by a real person. 


This is the goal of anyone’s/our ministry. that is for ppl not to look to us and say “what a great ___” but “what a great God/savior we have”

Thanksgiving to God is a good way to combat pride or selfishness in any form


It\’s interesting that Jesus never really fits into our vision of what He’s gonna do. Too often we make our plans and ask Him to bless them when He has totally different plans from our wholesale. And His plans are always better than ours. This King rules differently than any other king/person ever and yet is the best outta all of them. 


Here is an interesting story that is also included in Matthew and Mark where

Matthew mentions Peter’s attempt to walk on water

Mark mentions Jesus seeing their distress while still a ways off

John mentions that it was dark and that they rowed 3-4 miles

This is a story I’ve struggled to find a meaning to. Why do y’all think John put this story here and what could it mean? (Bread and walking on water-related to Passover? Perhaps related to Genesis 1 where Spirit was over the water?)


So here it is revealed that the ppl only were seeking Jesus for an easy meal and not for Him or to seek knowledge. “They walked by taste and sight” not by faith.

I think it\’s wise to for us to ask why we seek Jesus? Righteous before God, truth, life, love or material/worldly gain. 

Jesus made it clear that God has sealed Him to be the source of spiritual life. “seal” means that God sent Him, confirmed his commission through signs.

Faith is a kind of work where man submits his will to the revealed will of God and acts in accord with the commandments of the will of God. Saving faith must be manifested by obedience to the commands of God through His Son.  


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