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John 6:31-70

Read Pray

So here Jesus introduces Himself as the bread of life. He makes several claims to deity in answer to their misguided requests for a fleshly sign. And promises not to lose His followers that are drawn to Him by God. 


Notice how often the ppl ask for a sign and yet Jesus uses it wisely to preach to the ppl rather than giving in to their materialism. Let us be sure not to cast our perils before swine. 


What\’s it mean that Jesus is the bread of life? He is the bread that gives life. Bread, now and then, was a rather common thing. Their bread would’ve been a circle and thin shaped and usually torn apart at supper and used as a napkin to clean up the table. Jesus uses this commonality to show the ppl that He is to be torn apart and by that used to cleanse His ppl. 


Do we submit to the will? 

Are we obedient to God? 


Have y’all ever gone through a valley in life or in your spiritual walk and left like God forgot or didn’t care about you? What did you do to get out of the valley? 

The Lord here says that the Father wills whoever looks/seek Jesus to have life and raised up in the last days. The Father wills/wishes for our relationship with Him to be deepened/stronger. 

How do we do this? Reading, prayer. 

Are we doing this? Why or why not?


Bread of Life: Jesus\’ body being broken in love for us. Life is found in death. Partake in the same sufferings as Jesus and have life.

So if we don’t participle in Jesus\’ suffering, that is, have no suffering because of the faith/love for God we have no part in Jesus.

What are some sacrifices and sufferings you’ve had for the faith? Friends? Family? 

Are you holding on to something that should be sacrificed? Is there any area of your life where you are ashamed of Jesus?


“Real” That is true in that it is the truth and that it satisfies like food but more so. 


So again Jesus here shows Himself and superior Moses and shows that He is the true leader of the Israelite people.  


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