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John 7:1-36

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So what do y’all think the point of this passage is? What lessons are taught here?

Jesus\’ bothers give him some worldly advice on how to carry out his mission and Jesus answers their advice by informing them that He is acting according to His purpose and His Fathers plan.


I\’m not sure why Jesus bothers would advise Him on His ministry when they didn’t even believe in Him. However, I do think there is an important lesson for us here. When it comes to our own ministry/faith I would advise Y\’all never to seriously consider the advice of heathen. It could come from a “right place” if you will, but it is ultimately foolish to follow their advice at all because they have no fear of God in them. 


Why should we be hated?

This faith, contrary to common belief, ain\’t easy and ain\’t all “blessings” and happiness all the time. This faith, our belief is real and it will show in our actions to others. The Lord clearly had a strong backbone when preaching we should be likewise when in conversation about the faith to heathen and believers alike. 


It must have been discouraging for Jesus\’ own fam not to believe in do we deal with discouragement in life?


Why did Jesus not want Himself to be publicly revealed yet? ?


Who do you say Jesus is?

John here is clearly saying that thinking Jesus is a good man or teacher, isn’t enough. Why is that?


Fear is often the most common struggle in evangelism. Do y’all fear lose of friends or popularity in evangelism? How do y’all combat this fear? 


Worldly wisdom may very well have its place. But we must teach that which is taught/shown to us by God or it counts for nothing for the kingdom. Moreover, it is important to be sent by God and not ourselves. For if we are sent of God then we can’t fail. 


Jesus argument here is that if they permit this work of circumcision to be done on the Sabbath that the Law of Moses is not broken then how can they be so unrighteous as to prohibit the man merely to keep Sabbath regulations but the Sabbath was given for man’s benefit. There are principles and action which are higher than most suppressed Sabbath regulation. God works on the Sabbath by giving us life the sun the rain thus it was proper that the Son of God heal and teach on the Sabbath.  

How are we to judge?

Not hypocritically, or unfair, but wisely honestly both of men and doctrines. We as followers of Jesus must judge doctrines and teachers to root out the falsehood that doesn’t glorify God. 


Here, Jesus points to His divine origin rather than an earthly location. Here, is an important reminder that it matters not what sins we have committed because God is a God full of grace and will use any and all He so wills; including you. How has God used you recently?  


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