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John 7:37-8:30

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Jesus here explains that He is the fulfillment of and significance of the ceremony. 

This living water is the life, strength and joy and the renewing work of the HS within the believer. 

Jesus here seems to say that this joy and strength will flow out of us to those thirsting for life. 

Are we a life-giving or taking sourced for others around us? Do we build each other up or not? If not how can we give life/build each other up?


I think all 3 members of the Trinity are here in this passage. All 3 persons are involved in our salvation. 

What is HS’s role in our lives? Or rather what is His purpose in our lives?

How is the Father, Son, and HS involved in our salvation?


They seem to be correct on both points just confused. Jesus was born indeed in Bethlehem because that\’s where David was born and He was of the lineage of David. 

Curious, how was y\’alls Christmas? What teachings/insights did you receive about Jesus this Christmas? 


This is the second time we hear of Nic. Here it seems that he was no coward. He was speaking in defense of a hated enemy of his colleagues. Nic here reminds these self-righteous men that they were violating their own law. The Law requires justice to be done; every man would have the right to a fair legal trial and the accusation would be established by 2 witnesses. 


Interesting because Jonah came from Galilee and maybe even Hosea and Nahum.


They challenge His origins, not his on what He does.


Story found in the 12-century copy but no earlier. A 4th-century Coptic copy didn’t have this story at all. I will study this passage however and let y’all decide for yourself. 

What is the lesson here? 

Much in the same way, the woman experimented Jesus\’ grace in her life so is the same for ours. And having experimented His grace we dare not abuse it and sin again. 


To follow Jesus means to trust and obey Him/believe in Him. We follow His words, and His example and when we do this it illuminates our life and is the very source of our life. 

Belief is necessary for salvation. It is not enough to merely “act as God exists”. Because belief changes the heart and the change of heart naturally changes our actions and produces good fruit. You can act as if God exists all you want. But God looks at the heart and only He can change that. You take away the belief you take away God. By merely acting as He exists is to deny Him all the more because it\’s to fence sit and say that He hasn’t revealed Himself enough already but just in case I\’ll try and appease you. 


They judge by the flesh. That is they compared His earthly appearance with their ideas of a worldly Messiah. 


God sent Jesus to die and Jesus does all that pleases the Father. Therefore, it pleased the Father to enact justice for us upon His Son.  


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