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John 8:31-59


What do y’all notice about this passage?

What does it mean to “abide” in Jesus\’ words? 8:31

What\’s it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? 8:31

What is the truth? And How do we know the truth? v32

He is the truth and His teachings are true. Holding to the teaching of Jesus leads one to the truth that sets a person free from slavery to sin. Salvation is not obtained by mere intellectual knowledge but by a vital relationship with Jesus and a commitment to the truth, He has revealed. 

What does the truth set us free from? v32

Jesus brought our salvation and in doing so our freedom. Idk if y’all are struggling with sin right now or not (probably are) but Jesus already purchased your freedom with His death. Fighting for your victory over sin is senseless because it\’s already brought. You need only stand, to be, in the victory Jesus purchased. You need only to cling to Jesus.

In Jesus, we have a real/true freedom where we can now desire/chose to follow Jesus.  


The Jews were slaves in Egypt in Exodus and slaves to Babylon so I don\’t know what they’re talking about here. Unless they are being 100% literal; in which case the Jesus is showing the full scope of His ministry and their far too narrow scope of what they thought His ministry should be. 


The Son brought our salvation for us and in doing so brought our freedom. In Jesus there is freedom. How contrasty this is to the world’s message to us!

True freedom is in serving God; fulfilling the purposes of those specially created in God’s image. Sin deprives us of this fulfillment because sin clouds our minds degrades our feelings. and enslaves our wills. This bondage to sin is referred to as “total depravity” and its only remedy is the grace of God in spiritual rebirth. 


v39 what works did Abraham do?

Abraham was obedient to God’s direction even when it was painful for him. Jesus\’ audience claimed to be Abraham\’s descendants but Jesus shows they aren’t like their ancestor in the essential matter of obedience. True sonship is not defined by biology but by obedience. 


Abraham told truth as heard from God? 


again I\’m confused because they just said Abraham was their father and now they’re saying God. I\’m not sure what this rebuttal means. 


Let\’s talk about the devil. What do y’all know about him? and Who is he?

Who is the devil according to this verse?

Murder: Who did he murder? Mankind by deceiving us and bringing death? Cain and Abel?

why/how is he the father of lies? Genesis 3:4

Among all the sins that could be mentioned as characteristic of Satan, murder and lying are singled our. Lying because it\’s the direct opposite of the truth (the central point of this passage) and murder because Jesus\’ opponents desire to kill Jesus. At the original temptation, Satan’s contradiction of God’s prohibition and its threat violated truth and brought death. Satan contrasts sharply with Jesus who is truth and life and giver of life. (10:10, 18).


No one can convict Jesus of sin because He is free of all sin. doing always what pleases the father. 


v48 An insult could try to imply Jesus being born outta wedlock 


Father honoring and not self-glorifying. 2 opposites of what a demon possession would look like. He refers to this matter to God’s judgment. 


Death, as eternal separation from fellowship with God, is the judicial punishment for sin (Rom 6). Since Jesus died as the substitute for His ppl those who belong to Him are freed from the penalty of sin because Jesus endured it for them. 


I wonder if this is a part of what makes the resurrection so great. All prophets died and stayed dead. Jesus rose. 


Who is Abraham? and How did Abraham see Jesus\’ day?

Abraham saw Jesus\’ day as he embraced in faith many promises given to him by God. Promises that demanded the coming of Jesus to be fulfilled. Since the context of the discussion has been Satan as a murderer and Jesus as one whose death delivers from death, it may have special reference to God’s providing the ram as a substitute when Ab was prepared to sacrifice Isaac. This statement shows clearly that even in OT times believers were saved through faith in Jesus who was presented to them in the shadows and types given by God to reveal His redemptive plan. (Heb 10:1-18).


what does Jesus mean when He says” I am”? Its a callback to Exodus 3:14.

    What does God mean when He says “I am who I am”? God is self exist and eternal. God is God. He is sovereign overall. Constant, never changing. 

    In that statement Jesus equalities Himself to God saying that He is God and therefore constant, eternal etc.

It’s particularly interesting that Jesus quotes this because He is the new Moses, a freer/deliver of His ppl from bondage and Moses is a symbol for the Jesus in that way.  


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