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Paul Washer Sermon Notes

The Shocking Youth Message Matthew 7:13-27

  • "One thing concerns me...many people in this building will be in Hell."

  • American Christianity is based more on a godless culture than it is on the word of God.

  • Salvation is by faith alone in Christ, not by a prayer to ask Jesus into your heart.

  • And that faith is proceeded by repentance. That is a hate for what God hates and love for what God loves.

  • It takes great love of God to tell people the truth.

  • Test yourself to see if you are in the faith.

  • 7:13, there one gate, one God, one mediator for man. It's only through Christ that you're saved.

  • The issue isn't that you've sinned. It's that you've never done anything but sin.

  • Apart from God's grace, the only thing left for you is God's wrath.

  • God must hate because God is love. He loves holiness therefore He must hate that which is unholy.

  • I am saved because Christ bore my sin on the cross and took all of God's wrath for me.

  • The cross is a sign of how depraved we are.

  • Spend your life repenting and believing in Christ.

  • There is no such thing as a carnal Christians. You have a new nature!

  • There's a narrow gate AND a narrow path.

  • If you are a child of God you will walk in righteousness. Walk away from that path and the Father will come and get you. You have more to gain in following Christ than you do in walking away.

  • You tell them how to be saved and God tells them if they're saved. Salvation is a supernatural work of God!

  • You're best friend is the one who tells you the most truth.

  • Be thick-skinned and of a soft heart.

  • You know you're saved because your life is being changed to walk in God's truth.

  • You know Christians, and false prophets, by their fruit. Look at your life. Is Christ an ornament of your lift or is He the center of it?

  • The proof of salvation is that you do the will of God! Your profession means nothing.

  • The most important thing is not that you know Christ but that He knows you.

  • Radical Christians are those who bear the fruit of the Spirit, who honor their parents, who don't dress to show themselves off.

  • "Let my life honor you, Lord."


Knowledge of God Psalm 1

  • God's will is for us to grasp His love for us.

  • 4 pillars of the Christian life: 1) Knowledge of the truth. 2) Belief in the truth. 3) Joy 4) Obedience.

  • Belief in the truth always leads to joy.

  • Joy is being fixed on what God has done, not man.

  • What had He done, or doing for me?

  • What does this book, music, media, artwork, etc tell me about God?

  • God is my Savior! He is my joy, strength, and righteousness in Christ through the Gospel.

  • Our joy comes from God and who He is.


Applying Psalm 1 to Life Psalm 1

  • Preaching is about changing yourself and your people.

  • We have so much care/worry for the present and none for eternity.

  • We meet in the church to help us walk in this life.

  • Blessed, by Washer's definition is those who have entered into a covenant relationship with God.

  • Are you blessed? Do you have a relationship with God? Do you study God's word? Do you have peace? Do you have hope? Fruitfulness?

  • "Walk" somehow the wicked have an influence over the blessed.

  • "Stand" Now, they move on the same road.

  • "Sit" The blessed begin to join in the mocking by the wicked.

  • Be in the world, not of it. Let the wicked hold no influence over you.

  • Delight (1:2) in Hebrew means to take pleasure in.

  • You're only as spiritual as you are right now.

  • How to get out of a spiritual slump: 1) Recognize your failure. 2) Recognize your need. 3) Being to discipline yourself in studying the work daily. 4) Be intentional.

  • Discipline will turn into delight.

  • We bear fruit to bless others, not ourselves. We never consume our own fruit.


In Everything Give Thanks 1 Thessalonians 5:18

  • The more you look like Christ the more helpful you will be to the body of Christ.

  • A good way to help the church is to rejoice always and pray continually and to give thanks.

  • Giving thanks: meaning standing upon who God is, what He's done, and who are in Him.

  • The mark of the Christian life is rejoicing always, pray continually, and to be a thankful person.

  • Look to people with thankfulness and grace.

  • We're grateful because God is good and He is good to us.

  • A common mark of unbelievers is a lack of thankfulness.

  • The one who can say "amen" to the will of God can also always say "Hallelujah!"

  • It is God's will that you be thankful.

  • We know God causes all things for your good. And this is our joy!

  • Whenever we aren't thankful it's often because we don't want what God wants. Or I want what God wants but I just don't want it God's way.

  • God loves you more than He loves your ministry.

  • The world measures you by what you can do. The word measures us by what we have become and by what Christ did for us.


Building Our House on the Rock Part 1 and 2 1 Timothy 3:14-4:4

  • Christ is our only hope because even on our most perfect day we still need Christ.

  • Paul is most concerned with Church than with family.

  • The church is about the Gospel as is the family.

  • Look to Christ for godliness. The Gospel is God's salvation.

  • Some will fall away (4:1-3) because they focus on minor issues and not the Gospel.

  • Christianity is clinging to Christ and being formed into His image.

  • Sin isn't the problem necessarily; the problem is that God is holy and righteous.

  • His righteousness is terrifying because we are sinful.

  • And that's why the Gospel is so great!

  • We are sinners by nature, not because we sin.

  • We are made for Him; He is our purpose.

  • What should be God's reaction to sinful man? Wrath, hatred. God must hate because God is love. He is good/love thus He hates evil.

  • The man who claims salvation by works makes God his debtor. IE "I've done this good work, now you own me salvation."

  • God can do anything except that which contradicts His holy nature.

  • God saves us from Himself, for Himself, by Himself.


The Gospel Romans 3:24 (Apologies for this section of notes. I can not find the actual sermon to it).

  • Sin is horrifying, and wicked because of the person it is committed against.

  • God is worthy of all honor/praise. This is what makes sin so horrifying because He's good.

  • Likewise with Hell. We can't understand the weight of sin without understanding God's worth.

  • We are weak in our walk because we don't know who God is. Seek Him, know Him, learn of Him, learn from Him.

  • Justified: Legal term. The man who believes God then God declares them to be perfectly right with them and treats them as right with Him.

  • You can't be justified apart from God. Christianity is a religion of grace not works.

  • God saved us because of God and Christ's work; that's why we can't boast.

  • God is love and loves Himself most. There is nothing in me to make God love us.

  • Christ isn't all we need. He is all we have.

  • God is perfect. All His attributes exist in perfect harmony. He doesn't ignore His justice to manifest His love.

  • Exodus 34:5. Before God talks about forgiving, He talks about His character. His actions must conform to His character.

  • Redemption: To pay a price to let go of a captive from a captor.

  • Christ paid the price and Calvary to God. Sin demanded justice and death so to satisfy God's justice Christ took our sin and all wrath/holy anger on Himself.

  • There is no moment in your life where you loved God as He ought to be loved.

  • For Christ, there was never a moment in which He didn't love God with all His heart/mind/soul/strength.

  • This is why it is important to study God's wrath and to understand what fell upon Christ on the Cross.

  • His divinity sustained Him while suffering the wrath of God.

  • God presented Christ publicly to demonstrate His righteousness.

  • Christ is coming back to gather His people and destroy the wicked.

  • The evidence of true conversion is that you repent and continue repenting.

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