Podcasts That I’ve Enjoyed

\”Take care then how you hear, for to the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, even what he thinks that he has will be taken away.”- Luke 8:18. Here is a list of podcasts that I know and love. Their form and content are both excellent and they have all are most beneficial and edifying to my Christain life. I pray that they be a blessing to you as well.  I recommend using the app \”Pocket Casts\”. Easy to use, clean interface, lots of time-saving features. 

5 Minutes in Church History: https://pca.st/podcast/ab09c850-e723-0130-499e-723c91aeae46 Alpha and Omega Ministries: https://pca.st/podcast/4e357fb0-e15b-0132-0b7e-059c869cc4eb Ask Pastor John: https://pca.st/podcast/40fcedb0-6df9-0130-f984-723c91aeae46 C.H. Spurgeon on SermonAudio: https://pca.st/podcast/f8520f20-830d-012e-3b11-00163e1b201c Dr. Steven J. Lawson on SermonAudio: https://pca.st/podcast/ad7da460-7c41-0130-0310-723c91aeae46 Expositor with Dr. Steven J. Lawson: https://pca.st/podcast/4ff80f10-b509-0132-32bf-0b39892d38e0 Paul Washer on SermonAudio: https://pca.st/podcast/193757e0-3502-012e-0e94-00163e1b201c Phil Johnson on SermonAudio: https://pca.st/podcast/b14a7020-2b32-012f-fcb9-525400c11844 Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary: https://pca.st/podcast/eb117b10-8359-012e-3b48-00163e1b201c Reformed Forum: https://pca.st/podcast/ab3ea790-2b9c-012e-0929-00163e1b201c Renewing Your Mind: https://pca.st/podcast/51438ab0-1b84-012e-00b0-00163e1b201c Simply Put:  https://pca.st/podcast/dc30cf50-4818-0137-f266-1d245fc5f9cf Voddie Baucham on SermonAudio: https://pca.st/podcast/7b5b8830-39e8-012e-11d7-00163e1b201c Wretched Radio: https://pca.st/podcast/721df160-89d6-0135-9037-63f4b61a9224

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