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Romans 8 Notes


“Therefore” if you could summarize Romans thus far in a sentence or two what would you say?

Why is there no condemnation for those in Christ?

Is there condemnation for those outside Christ? Why?


What did God do according to this verse?


What is the righteous requirement of the law?



“Set” what does it mean to have our minds set in the Spirit?


How is our mind set on Spirit bring us“life and peace”?

Peace, oppose of hostile


Synonyms for hostile


What is the evidence of salvation shown in this verse?

“anyone who does not have the HS of Christ does not belong to Him” and

“no condemnation for those who are in Christ” 8:1

What is the Spirit’s role in bringing us to Christ?


Can we make ourselves righteous?


Then who makes us righteous?

God; He makes us righteous and the Spirit actualizes that righteousness in daily life.


I found this to be an incredible; uplifting truth.


This is the actualizing I was just talking about.


What’s it mean to be led by the Spirit?


What does "abba" mean?

“adoption” You’re a child of God; do you feel loved; personal with you Father? Why?


In what way does the Spirit “bear witness” to our spirit?


Suffering increases our hunger for glory in Him.


“not worth comparing”

Like comparing an anthill to Everest; it's no contest.


How does the Spirit aid us?

He helps us to pray.


Who does God work all things for?

Those who love Him.

Love of God, according to Paul is the chief characteristic of the Christian.

Do you believe this promise? Here Paul claims that God uses all of your sufferings sovereignly for His goodwill; do you believe this in your heart?

And how did those ppl come to love Him? Paul explains.

What is “God’s purpose”?

"The purpose of God guarantees "good" for His people. For them, this is not necessarily ease and quiet, but being like Christ (vv. 17-23, 29). God's providence rules in such a way as to ensure that everything that happens to us is working for our ultimate good, which Paul immediately identifies as our becoming conformed to the image of Christ (v. 29, Eph. 1:3-14)."- Reformation Study Bible, pg. 2089.


Order of salvation matters. It helps us see the bigness of God and increases our joy 1000 fold.

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