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Sermon Snapshots

I was reviewing some of my old sermons and a lot of them aren’t really worth keeping. However, some of the points and the applications are worth saving. Thus, here are some snapshots of my sermons for your edification.

Sermon #1 "It is finished" So Finish Well John 19:30

-Christ died for us. Our redemption is complete.

-Christ rose for us. No work can be added to our redemption.

-God is with us. Christ was forsaken so that we would never be forsaken by God; He is all in all towards us.

Sermon #2 die is gain Philippians 1:21

-Because of Christ’s perfect life, we now live

-Because of Christ’s perfect death, we now have no fear of death

-Because of Christ’s salvation we know have fellowship with Him now and forever

Sermon #3 Repent and believe Mark 1:14-15

-Repentance is a turning from sin to Christ

-Repentance is turning from sin to satisfaction

-Believe in the Gospel: The goodness of God in providing us our salvation

Sermon #4 Refresh My Soul Psalm 23

-God leads us

-God refreshes us

-All for His glory through us

Sermon #5 Teach us, Keep us Psalm 119:33-40

-God taught us (shown us) who He is

-God is keeping us; not my works, or faith but He Himself sustains me

Sermon #6 Fuel For the Fire Psalm 13:5-6

(Posted in full on the site)

-God’s love sustains us

-God’s salvation sustains us

-God’s goodness sustains us

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