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Theology in Hymns: Useful or Not?

Hymns help to teach the tenets of the faith and remember them.

– Words of sound doctrine mixed them with a memorable tune to result in lessons that can be easily learned/remembered. 

– Theology: Study of God

– Theology is the foundation of all your thinking; it sets the inclinations of the heart/mind.

Questions to consider:

  1. What theology is expressed in the congregational\’s singing?

  2. Is there sufficient pastoral breadth in music? 

  3. Is there sufficient liturgical breadth?

  4. Is there sufficient historical, cultural breadth?

  5. Does the music serve the text?

  6. Does the music encourage corporate worship?

  7. Is the music appropriate to the capability of the congregation?

  8. Do the hymns we sing encourage growth in discipleship?


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