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Various Sermon Notes Vol. 1

The Barrenness of Busyness by Don Currin 1 Kings 1:11

  • Busyness can lead us away from the Gospel.

  • Keep your own vineyard, then tend to others.

  • What draws you away from God?

  • Ministry isn't as important as your personal time with God.

  • Worship God daily.

  • You become a hindrance to others if you yourself don't know God.

  • All the blessings that came down on Soloman were because he loved God.

  • When we lose our commitment to God our commitment to others grows cold/meaningless.

  • Care for God, not the world or the things thereof.

  • Let God's face shine brightly before you.

  • Our communion with Jesus is the best fortress against sin.

  • Know and enjoy the Lord your God.


Surrendering to His Love by Tim Conway Luke 14:33

  • Surrender to Christ and His love for you.

  • Renew your surrender to Christ and seek holiness.

  • Renew much-we are to be serious with God.

  • Keep watch over yourself.

  • We are to forsake everything for Christ. Seek holiness and die to yourself and live towards Him.

  • The true Christ is not "on trial". Whatever you may think of Him doesn't change the reality of His existence.

  • He is dangerous; He is the Lord! He must be believed and followed.

  • Mark 10:21; He loved him too much to not tell him the truth.

  • We surrender everything to Him.

  • Surrender to His will Matthew 6:10.

  • He gives us far better than whatever we give up.

  • Has He not lead you? Has He not taken care of you?

  • There is joy in surrendering, there is misery in trying to hold on to something for ourselves.

  • He is worthy of all our sacrifice. His plan is to make us into His image.

  • When it gets hard look to Christ crucified and hear Him say "not My will but Your will be done".

  • Commit to doing what the word says in order to be like Him.

  • Surrender to His love in spite of your sinful desires.


The Hope of The Exile by Paul Matthies Jeremiah 29:1-14

  • Pray for your city. In its' peace, you will have peace.

  • We, the Church, are exiles. We belong to Christ.

  • God calls us to embrace that reality (1 Peter 2:9-12).

  • There is nothing wrong with desiring a family, or a home.

  • Don't plant your roots too deep in your home; because this is all temporary.

  • Our greatest need is to find our home in God alone.

  • Sometimes God will use our exile to show us how much we love the world. And remind us of our need for Him.

  • He will give us 3 reminders of this: 1) We will always experience a longing for unhindered intimacy. 2) We will always experience a groaning for our redemption. 3) If we are sincere in our life with God, then we will indeed be persecuted- we will always face the suffering that comes with exile in this world.

  • In the loneliness use it to deepen your hunger for God.

  • We will always have a longing for unhindered intimacy with God. Continue to seek Him! Do not go back to your old life (Philippians 3:12-21).

  • Use the culture to proclaim the Gospel. Don't expect to be accepted by the world.

  • People will not help your loneliness, God will.

  • Loneliness can be used by God to increase our faith and love for Him.


From Fear to Faith in the Face of Christ by Mack Tomlinson Psalm 34:4-6, 56:3

  • Killing fear is apart of killing the flesh.

  • Fear or faith? Which do you yield to?

  • Fear robs us of our faith and makes us irrational.

  • Everyone, including Christ, has known fear; Christ did not submit to it.

  • We can control our response to fear.

  • Faith is the cure for fear.

  • Faith is a personal dependence on Christ. Christ is the object of our faith.

  • Faith is the empty hand that reaches out to God and receives Christ. Do not have faith in your faith.

  • Faith comes by hearing, faith is from the heart, not the heart.

  • Trust Him in all things.

  • He will never forsake you. He will help you.

  • You don't have to be "good enough" for Him. He loves to give you good gifts.

  • Faith is a spiritual discipline. Give yourself to Him, not fear.

  • Faith conquers fear.

  • The moment that fear strikes your heart is the moment to flee to Christ and trust Him.

  • Fear is the sinful failure to apply our knowledge of God to our problems.

  • Fight your fear with the promises of God's word. God wants you to live free of fear.


Amazing Access to The Father by Tim Conway Ephesians 2:18

  • His love came to us when we did not love Him.

  • Christ knocked down any barrier between me and God.

  • If we really knew the full, pure, true joy of Christ with God we'd literally leap for joy.

  • The most glorious thing in the world is to become a Christian.

  • We have access to God right now. Boldly good to Him for He is your Heavenly Father.

  • Dwell with Him. Seek and enjoy His presence.

  • Access to the Father is the source of our joy.

  • The Trinity is present in this verse.

  • You can't understand the Bible without the Trinity.

  • There is mystery in the Trinity but it is truth. And as we grow in understanding so will our worship.

  • All 3 persons are actively working to bring you to God.

  • The Father did plan and execute your salvation to bring us to Him so that He would be honored and hallowed in us all.


No Man Is Greater Than His Prayer Life by Leonard Ravenhill

  • You could sum up the ministry of Elijah with 2 words: He Prayed.

  • No one is greater than their prayer life. No church stronger than his prayer life.

  • We do everything in the world except obey God.

  • We have the most expensive evangelical programs in church history, trying to "buy" a revival.

  • One of the judgments of God is that He doesn't give a nation a prophet but a superstar evangelist/preacher.

  • Know the God of the word, not just the word of God.

  • The disciples asked "how to pray?" not "how to preach?"

  • The beatitudes should be attitudes in our lives.

  • "I would rather pray than be the greatest preacher in the world."

  • Preaching we stand before men on behave of God.

  • Praying we stand before God on behave of men.

  • Which of those two is better?

  • The greatest battle ever fought was fought in the Garden of Gethsemane.

  • The pulpits of America are filled with puppets instead of prophets.

  • Prayer is the language of the poor. The self-satisfied, or the moral people, don't want to pray. We need a power outside ourselves.

  • We are content to live without revival. And that's why we don't have it!

  • Revival is Divine intervention in the affairs of men.

  • One man with God is the majority. All we need is God's Spirit.

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