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Why I Write

It has been said that \”If you wish to truly learn you must teach.\” Over the past 8 months of teaching through the Gospel of John, I have learned the validity of this statement. Not only have I learned more on proper interpretation of scripture and theology but I have become conceived of, and had my heart ignited by, 5 point Calvinism. As tiresome and difficult as these past few months have been at times I am overwhelming grateful for it all. I often use the analogy of a gold-miner when speaking on the glories of teaching and interpreting the text. As tiresome, difficult and even discouraging as the work of gold-mining is, it is all worth it when one finds the prize of the precious metal. Likewise, as tiresome, difficult and even discouraging as the work of proper interpretation is; it is all worth it when I find even the littlest piece of truth within the scripture. Given this, I have found it to also be maddening work. I often find myself intellectually moving at neck-break speed. Attempting to master the scripture is no easy task; doing it on my own with no mentor or personal teacher certainly doesn\’t make it any easier. In order to retain all that I have learned, and am learning, I have taken the task of writing here on this little blog. And I pray it to be of benefit to you, dear reader, as it is to me. Even over these past few days that I\’ve been writing, I have found my thoughts to be of much higher quality than they were before. Given all this, I write to help myself and you as well; to teach all that I have been taught by God through the His holy scripture. While implicated I wish to make this next point explicitly known to you that you are welcome to share and comment on any and all posts made. These writings are designed for your benefit just as much as mine. Part of the reason why I love my current job (shipping fulfillment for Amazon) is that I have quite a lot of time on my hands to do with as I please, and I plan on making the most of that free time while I can. With this said, you dear reader, are well to make an essay request on whatever biblical/theological topic you may wish. You may make a request here on the comments in the blog or over on Twitter @blessedbearded if you so choose. With all that said; thank you for reading and keeping up with my posts and may the God of peace bless you, your house and your ministry in full abundance with all grace and joy given to us through the Lord Jesus Christ. P.S. Perhaps you\’ve seen that I file all my brief essays under a label \”One-shot Essays\”. I have named it that for two reasons: 1) I\’m not very creative 2) The name itself is inspired by Dr. Frank Crane and his \”Four Minute Essays\” that I read, and thoroughly enjoyed in college. I highly recommend adding them to your reading list ( 3) They\’re designed for me to lock, load, aim and fire whenever I need to write/sort out an issue within my heart or head. Hopefully, they provide aid to you as much as they do me.

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