Why Wix? And BBT Plans

Hey guys! So we moved from Blogspot to Wix. I'll outline some reasons for the move below as well as our future plans.

Wix is just better.

Blogspot did what we needed it to do but, frankly, it looked ugly and had lots of formatting/technical problems. Thus far, Wix hasn't given me any issues and has been incredibly easy to use. And it looks pretty which is just cool. More importantly, y'all deserve the best in content and formating that I can provide for you and Wix provides great formatting in spades. And, another cool feature, I now own my own domain! (I'm probably more excited about that than I should be). So our Bible studies will now not only be the best they will also look the best as well. I will keep the Blogspot blog though as a backup just in case something goes wrong here.

As you might have noticed there's a fair bit of stuff on here. This blog will now serve as the centralization of all my notes, thoughts, essays, and bible studies, and whatever else I'll write about. Over the years I have amassed a lot of notes and studies and such so I will be posting all of them here for the sake of organization and simplicity rather than have everything spread across 3-4 different platforms and 5 different notebooks. Naturally, you all only need to pay attention to the BBT posts. But feel free to check out whatever else is on here that might be of benefit and interest to you and drop a comment if you like.

And lastly, this will also serve as my own social media page whenever I get banded off of Twitter/whenever I get bored and leave.

Now, on to the rules and plans for BBT.

General Rules:

1) Continue to read and thoughtfully respond in the chat (as you all have been doing).

2) Be honest and thoughtful in the chat (as you all have been doing).

3) When your life/schedule allows for it, do catch up on the studies should you ever fall behind. (This study is not meant to be stressful for y'all so I won't be heartbroken if you miss some of them. I will be heartbroken should you completely ignore us though). Depending on how many studies you may have missed you can read through them and respond to the questions to 1 or 2 of the studies in the chat that you had to catch up on.

4) More stuff in the chat about you/your life/prayer requests and praises throughout the week would be nice. (I know I really suck at this because I hate talking about myself and all my problems are dumb and stupid. So I'll just write and y'all can do the talking for me ;) ).


Phase 2 is kind of at an awkward time for us given that some of y'all will have exams shortly and our other college kiddos will be returning shortly as well. Thus, I plan for Phase 2 to be short (only 3 studies) so that you can focus on your school work and so that, when the college kiddos do come home, we can all hang out and socialize together. Plus, I would love some time when all of us are free to hang out at some point in the summer (ideally in May since I won't be doing much writing). Given the brevity of Phase 2 should you feel stressed or need more time for school work don't feel beholden to our bi-weekly schedule. But rather just catch up on anything from Phase 2 in May when your schooling is finished. With that said, here's our Phase 2 schedule:

Phase 2 schedule:

Philemon (4/9)

Psalm 1 (4/23)

OT in the NT Vol. 1 [Verses to be determined later] (5/7)

Phase 3: beginning 6/4:

There is currently no plan for Phase 3 because I will be planning that in May. Hopefully, Phase 3 will start in June and carry us through the rest of the year. But I'll keep you posted on the Phase 3 plans. Drop any questions or comments y'all might have for me in the chat.

I love you all. "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit." (Philemon 25).

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